Website Performance Booster

for all Joomla! and Wordpress websites

The interGen team looks at how your site is coded and implements the recommendations from the Google Lighthouse web developers evaluation tool. Issues affecting site performance include:

  • The complexity of your website - If your site is overly complex with outdated or unused extensions, we can help with streamlining your site so that it still has all the necessary features, but removes the bloat of unneeded/unused items.
  • The quality of your website hosting - If your website hosting is the primary issue affecting your website performance, we can share with you recommendations and the costs of improving your hosting. If we can't significantly improve the performance of your website, we will issue a full refund.

90-day 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

While we do not have control over the above items, by simply implementing Lighthouse recommendations our team is  usually able to have your website's performance score in the 90's. We also improve the items related to accessibility, best practices, and basic SEO.


3 months of our Subscription Service including:

  • daily cloud-based backups of your website (up to 10GB)

  • managed software updates (we carefully update any current, licensed, and actively supported extensions for your site and resolve any issues)

  • unlimited training and support (we answer any questions you have about the workings of your current website)

Everything above included for: $295

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