If you log in to the back of your website, you might be aware of notifications that have been showing up recently. They say something similar to…

Error: Support has ended for your version of Joomla 3.10. Migrate to Joomla 4 as soon as possible. 

First of all, we want to reassure you that your website should continue to work after August 2023 just as it does now. However, now is the time to migrate your site to Joomla 4, the most recent version of the software that runs your site.  We've been eagerly anticipating Joomla! 4 since early 2021 and we’ve got 2 Joomla Certified professionals on our staff who are loving working with it in our newest site builds!   Joomla 4 provides a number of technical improvements, new features and significant performance upgrades that will make your site faster, perform better in search engines, easier to manage, and so much more!

Joomla 4 Migration Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions about this migration.  Check out our answers to the most frequently asked questions we're getting from clients.  Have a question we didn’t answer?  Get in touch

As excited as we are, we understand that not everyone is as thrilled - especially when you see those scary looking yellow warning messages showing up in your site's backend control panel.

Current interGen clients will be receiving information on the migration process, timeline, and estimated costs in the coming months.   The cost of the migration is determined by the complexity of your website and how many extensions you have installed.   

If you are looking to refresh your site's design or add features, this process is an ideal time to do so!  Please reach out and we can provide you with more information about how we can help update your site’s look and/or features to better serve your needs.  

If you are not a current interGen client, but would like the assistance of experienced developers with Joomla! Certifications, we'd love to talk to you!  Whether you have additional questions, are ready to talk about beginning the Joomla 4 migration process for your website, or would like suggestions about how your website can better work for you, we look forward to connecting with you.     

Connect with us today to find out how can help get your site running on Joomla! 4