Joomla Day USA 2024

For nearly two decades, the interGen team has embraced Joomla! as our preferred content management system. Last week, we celebrated this powerful platform and its vibrant community at JoomlaDay USA in Nashville, an annual event attracting developers and Joomla enthusiasts from across North America and Europe.  

After spending the week in Nashville, our whole band would agree that the Joomla platform really sings!  Attendees from interGen included:

We were also proud to be supporting the event as a Gold Level Sponsor.

Event Highlights that Will Benefit our Clients

Achievements and Community Impact

Crystal Dionysopoulos, Open Source Matters (Joomla) President, kicked off the event by highlighting Joomla's recent achievements and growth.  She emphasized the project's success stems solely from the efforts of its global volunteer community, with no external investors. This community-driven model ensures Joomla remains a top-tier tool for developers, built by developers.

interGen team member Aaron had this to say about why he prefers Joomla after the challenges of building a recent project outside of interGen in another platform:

“What I found is that everything is way more expensive than Joomla and not as easy to achieve custom results - because of the "it just works" thing they want to show on the surface… And I know GoDaddy isn't going to support her site because it is so custom. She will have to come to me to fix her problems, that is great for me but bad for her. So I'm going to rebuild it for no extra cost, and I have to convince her of why.”

Our drive to deliver optimal solutions without additional costs is one of the many reasons Joomla remains our platform of choice. 

437038103 409215738403344 3123672758813077941 nInnovative Development & Customization

One of the best values this experience will bring to our clients were the sessions that delved into the development of custom functionality for Joomla.  

 When asked why Joomla adheres to such a clearly defined and standardized structure of Joomla code development, Carlos responded,

“Because we are not savages.”

Future Outlook and Innovations

One of the reasons the interGen team is so excited for Joomla 5 is that it continues to provide an experience for site builders, site managers, extension developers, and business owners that is intuitive, consistent, and unencumbered with constant outside marketing.  Joomla continues to provide the power to deliver everything you want in website and flexibility that makes it a pleasure to use.

Other Key Insights

JoomlaDay USA not only underscores our commitment to Joomla but also celebrates the community spirit inherent to the platform. This gathering reinforces a shared vision for an internet that excels in security, performance, functionality, and accessibility.  Best of all, it is powered by a global community of passionate developers that deeply appreciate and value software that is open source… because the best things in life are free.

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