Your Website Is Vulnerable

Joomla! updates are essential to make sure your website is safe, up to date with Joomla!’s new features, security fixes, improvements, and bug fixes. When a CMS (Content Management System) changes its structure, the old version is no longer supported. This creates potential problems with security as security patches are discontinued, and older versions of Joomla! are not maintained.  After August 2023, security updates are no longer guaranteed, which may put websites at an increased risk of breaking and/or having other issues.

Your Website Might Break

We keep all your website software up to date as part of the hosting and subscription packages for our clients.  After August 2023, when we run other critical updates to our servers (or to the extensions and components working behind the scenes on your site), websites not yet migrated to Joomla 4 might stop working and require custom development work not included in your subscription to accommodate older code.  

Your Website Performance Might Suffer

Having the latest version of Joomla! and updated extensions and components is important for your site speed.  In each newly released version, there are multiple code improvements that translate into better site performance - which also improves your placement in Search Engine results!