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Support Ticket Statuses and What They Mean

  • open = a ticket that you either created or responded to that needs a response from our team.
  • work in progress  = a ticket where we have responded to you but are acknowledging that we have some work to do. No response is required from you on these but you can provide additional info, ask questions, request and update, etc. as desired.
  • on hold = we have responded to your concern and either need additional information from you OR we have assessed that the task is complete and requesting that you confirm. It is important to note that "on hold" tickets are no longer active in our work queue. If you do not respond you should get an "auto close" notification after a couple of weeks letting you know that we did not hear back from you and are assuming the issue is resolved.  A quick reply to any of these autoresponders we will reset the ticket to open for us to review further.
  • closed = You can mark a ticket closed at any time. Our team will do so as well once we are confident that either the issue is resolved or you have requested the ticket be closed. If any ticket sits too long without activity it will trigger an auto close notice to you and then actually close if no action is taken. We have been working very hard to make sure that our "work in progress" items do not fall into this category. So the only items you should be getting autoclose notifications for are if we replied to an item and did not hear back from you.