How to upload files from the backend of Phoca Download

  1.  Login to administrator backend on your website (
  2. Goto Components > Phoca Download > Files
  3. Click the green "New" button in the top left corner of the screen.
  4. The top field in the form is "Title".  Provide your upload with a plain English title.
  5. Select the appropriate "Category" in the third field down.
  6. Upload Your File
    1. The 5th field from the top is "Filename *".  Click the "Select Filename" button to the right of the field.
    2. A dialogue box will appear with the list of folders/files that have already been uploaded to the server.
    3. Browse to the folder to which you would like to upload your new file.
    4. Scroll to the bottom of the dialogue box.
    5. For a single file click the "Browse..." button and locate the file on your local machine.
    6. Select the file and click the blue "Start Upload" button in the bottom right corner of the dialogue box.
  7. Once upload is complete select the filename from the list in the dialogue box and it will autopopulate the "Filename*" field in your form.
  8. You can apply tags and other settings in the "Publishing Options" tab found right below the "Save" button, "Save & Close" button, etc.
  9. Once everything is set, click the green "Save & Close" button toward the top left of the screen.  You are able to re-open the saved item and making settings adjustments as needed.

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