You are using what are referred to as “absolute URL’s” they are tied to an exact domain.
If you use "relative URL’s" for any asset (png’s, jpg’s, pdf’s, etc.) they will work regardless of what the server/domain setup is.
So for your example would be…
The images folder is at the root of the servers website directory for your account. So with the relative URL you are saying, “I don’t care what the domain is. Please look for this in the images/pdfs folder.”
Finally, it looks like you are using good web friendly URL’s too. That means only letters, numbers, underscores, and/or hyphens in the folder and filenames. No spaces, caps, or other punctuation. Please follow those rules consistently and your assets will always load nicely. You can get away with unfriendly names in the short term, but they always seem to cause a glitch down the road.
Please let me know if anything above is unclear. I am happy to clarify as needed.