Our support system should always be your first hit whenever you have questions, issues, or concerns about the site.  The support team functions as the gatekeepers to help figure out who can best assist with any particular issue.  

Note:  This is why it's so important that your team provide clear ticket titles/email subjects, full screen screenshots (as opposed to cropped screens), URLs for where issues are happening, and order numbers (if relevant).  All of that information allows us to help troubleshoot and/or get you answers as quickly as possible.   

Whoever is "on" for support when a ticket comes in looks at it to quickly determine where it should go next. There are a few options for who gets that ticket and how it gets prioritized depending on the issue.  Below is a list of the most common ticket issues and how they are prioritized.  This is not all of the possible issues, just the most common ones. 

  • Site Down:  This gets immediate attention regardless of the day, time, or any other work in our queue for any of our clients.  For your site in particular, this would include if hikashop were to go down and no customer anywhere were able to place an order and/or no member of your team is able to access orders on the website.  
  • Key Site Function Not Working:  Prioritized over all other work for your site.  Support team troubleshoots immediately to see if we can resolve the issue.  If not, we escalate to our development team for them to dive deeper into the code to troubleshoot the problem.  How long this takes to resolve depends on the issue, but we try to at least provide a status update if it gets escalated so that you know we are still working on it.
  • New Feature Request:  These are the times your team requests a feature on the site that is not built in to the software currently on the site.  These are escalated to the development team for them to code the new feature into the current software.  We provide a quote for the cost for this new feature and an estimate for how long it will take for the team to get it up and running.  It can sometimes take 2-3 business days for us to provide that quote.  Once Angelique approves that work, we give the development team the go ahead to start working on it.  
  • Training Request:  These are the times your team asks us how to do something on the site.  We try to reply to training requests within 2-3 business days - either with specific written instructions, a screencast, or both.  
  • Content Updates (new text, images, products, etc to add to the site):  These get added to our content work queue and the support team replies with an estimated timeline for when those content updates will be completed (within 5 business days).
  • New Ticket for an Already Open Issue:  This is when a new ticket is submitted (or a new email is sent) about an issue already open as a ticket. For example, the issue that occurred on Friday with Rachele's account not being able to apply discounts correctly.  There were 7 different tickets submitted about that issue.  Our support team consolidates all of these into the original ticket that was opened so that the team members who are working on that ticket have all the information they need.  This also can cause delays in getting you assistance.