Why did we do this?

We LOVE Joomla! and are incredibly grateful to all of the core developers and the producers of third party extensions. While we are not affiliated with Joomla or Open Source Matters, inc. our intent is to provide a resource that is most beneficial to Joomla content creators.

The idea for JoomlaPedia grew out of our own need to provide information for our clients about how to make the best use of Joomla and the many extensions that we support.

Existing users of Joomla might question why we don't simply link to the abundant information already supplied by the wiki at http://docs.joomla.org/ in addition to all of the forums, wikis, and other online documentation provided by third party developers. There are at least two reasons:

  1. Many of the existing resources are focused on website developers rather than content creators for existing Joomla websites. We are looking to provide a resource for content creators that are partnered with web development firms who have already taken care of the setup and configuration of existing joomla-based websites. The emphasis on Joomla users rather than developers allows us to place less emphasis on much of the configuration information and focus on the simple, discreet tasks that a content creator/maintainer might undertake.

  2. We are also looking to include information on the myriad third party extensions that are available to the Joomla community. The information for making the best use of these resources is disparate and outside the scope of information provided through official Joomla documentation wiki. Our hope is to provide a center for gathering this disparate info and sharing it in a consistent format making it easier for Joomla users to find and understand.

All our JoomlaPedia contributors to honor the licensing of the documentation and information provided by third party developers. That said, we love the collaborative nature of the open source community and hope that this is a resource that is helpful to many.